Just off of a busy road in Essos, in the Cameroon capitol city of Yaounde, stands Professor Victor Anomah Ngu’s Clinique de L’Espoir, the Clinic of Hope. Inside the Clinic you will find people from Cameroon, but patients also come from other African countries and beyond the continent. The patients travel to the Clinic in search of relief from HIV/AIDS, cancer, sickle-cell anemia, and other tropical diseases.

Professor Anomah Ngu concentrates his therapeutic vaccine on the treatment of HIV/AIDS, a disease that has ravaged the community on his doorstep, and has been working at L'Espoir to develop effective treatment for more than 15 years.

To date, the Clinique has 14 documented cases of sero-conversions, defined as changing from HIV-positive to HIV-negative status on the standard Elisa test.

If the therapeutic vaccine, Vanhivax, is effective, as it appears to be, then why haven’t we heard about it?

This website seeks to highlight the Clinic, the therapy, and the life of Professor Victor Anomah Ngu. Details of the documentary film made by three independent filmmakers from Venezuela who travelled to Cameroon to understand more about the Clinique de L’Espoir can be found on the film documentary page.


"The truth that was lost in the morning comes home in the evening."

-African Proverb.



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