Clinique de L'Espoir

The Clinique d l’Espoir is understated but devoted to its patients. The clinic's sky-blue walls rise from a simple garden at the entrance. Five doctors, two nurses and a technical and administrative staff assist and treat hundreds of patients each year. L' Espoir is strictly an out-patient centre. There are no beds for overnight care.

The Clinic of Hope is open to anyone seeking immediate, auto-vaccine treatment.

Mr. Kimby/ Patient:
To me, when someone is sick, he needs to go someplace where he will be healed, not where... no one wants to have any disease as a friend for life! Since there were signs that patients were being treated and recovered their health from HIV in this centre, I completely believed that the next patient to be healed would be me! And luckily, things are moving towards my belief.

Christine Ngeshi/ Nurse:
There was a time when Professor went on the air and talked about his Vanhivax. Then there are so many people who ask their friends and they will tell them about the clinic. And there are some good colleagues who know that immune therapy is being carried out here and if they find patients who are HIV positive, they won’t allow them to get down to the sick stage before coming here. So they send them here.

Mama Jeanne Noma/ Receptionist:
All these files are here because the sick people don’t come back again. They don’t have money to come back to the hospital. And these are our sick ones. Here there are more than 1,500 files. Well, they don’t have the money to return. The exams are very expensive and they die of poverty.

Dr. Fergus Ambe/ Deputy-Director
It’s been a very difficult and uphill, what they call a Herculean task, to be able to maintain contact with patients after treatment.


Clinique de L’Espoir.
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