Thanks to all the people in Cameroon who participated in the production of the film documentary and website.  Gracias!

Professor Victor Anomah Ngu

Emmanuel Wultof Afuma


Dr. Fergus Ambe

Mary Concilia Anchang

Dr. Bisong Henry Besong-Egbe

Dr. Gaston Boma

Dr. Richard Gangbobga Caspa

Dr. Helen Chendi

Ekwi Damian N.

Njika Gabriel



Kutwah Messa Gladys

Mr. Andrew

Mr. Kimby

Mr. Wilfred

Prof. Wilfred Mbacham

Prof. Wali Muna

Evelyn Nchia

Christine Ngeshi

Dr. Jude Achidi Ngu

Rodney Ngu

Lumngwa Evelyn Ngwa

Ruth Niba

Sophie Njie

Mama Jeanne Noma

And all the wonderful musicians at Africrea.

Thank you!

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