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Dr. Helen Chendi/Medical Sociologist
When a child asks for curiosity, who brought AIDS to Cameroon or where did AIDS come from? I just take the time to explain how the AIDS virus was discovered. The papers say that it was discovered in America; that is because the science there is a lot more advanced. They went to the laboratory faster. Just the same as they go to the moon regularly. They can be going to spend the weekends on the moon now. Cameroonians have not yet started going to the moon.


Dr. Bisong Henry Besong Egbe/Medical Doctor Clinique de L’Espoir:
We’re actually wasting time going around and around. A lot of people are dying and it’s not that you can say that it’s ‘he’ or ‘she’. It could be your brother, it could be your sister. It could be anybody because, as far as sex is concerned, it’s actually a melting pot. Everybody sleeps with everybody; it just goes around and around like that and so nobody can actually say that he or she is going to be free.


Dr. Fergus Ambe /Deputy-Director of the Clinique de L’Espoir:
We have to look at the suffering population now. In South Africa there are at least 5 million people suffering with HIV. Sub-Saharan Africa there are at least 24 million people suffering from HIV. In Asia now it is getting out of hand. China in those days did not know about HIV. Today it is already getting over 5%. And what’s the population of China?


Mary Concilia Anchang/ Barrister:
You see, mankind is supposed to live with hope for the future, to invest in children. They have to go to school, they have to grow up and be healthy and then to prepare a better tomorrow because the future is for children. And when you have a population that is so infected and the challenge of curing AIDS remains a permanent syndrome, you kind of wonder what will happen tomorrow if measures are not taken to actually fight AIDS in a much more determined manner, such that the disease is actually eliminated.


Professor Victor Anomah Ngu/Director, Clinique de L’Espoir:
God is very kind, fortunately. I mean there is no disease that has come which has not finished up on the shelf, really. It may come back in different forms, like influenza and bird flu and all that. But in the end, one day AIDS will be gone, OK? I don’t think it will be in my lifetime, but it will go all right. I think people will wake up to the idea that you can vaccinate it and stop it.


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