The Therapy

Vanhivax is not a drug so the virus cannot become resistant to it. The auto-vaccine is elaborated from the blood of each individual patient.

Because the vaccine is not toxic, there are no significant side effects (ie—damage to the organic body). A mild fever, headache, or tenderness in the area of the injection is all one is likely to experience. Whereas the virus increases in strength with the drugs over time, the auto-vaccination treatment of Vanhivax strengthens the immune system against HIV.

Vanhivax seeks to create a healthy immune system, based on the body’s own defenses. In most cases the body can then mount an effective immune response against the virus. It’s the body’s own perfect medicine.

Since every organism reacts differently, the dosage of Vanhivax varies greatly. As Dr. Bisong of the Clinic says, “The vaccine is like a train rolling down its tracks. It has its own momentum, its own power, and if you give the patient an extra dose of the vaccine, it could derail the whole process. Most people want as many treatments as possible but the body and the vaccine don’t work that way.”

Victor Anomah Ngu / Founder of the Clinic of Hope:
Now, as far as Vanhivax is concerned and the virus, the vaccine does not act on the virus directly. It doesn’t. It acts on the immune system and the immune system then acts on the virus.

Wali Muna / Internist, Cardiologist, Government Investigator:
His whole treatment is based on one fact: that the HIV has managed to invade the human being and managed to invade the most important cell in his body that defends him, escaping reconnaissance systems in the body. And so what he does basically, is say, ‘Hey! Here’s what is invading you.’ And so he takes the virus and presents it back to the body in a way that the body will recognize and attack it.


“Why should I go on anti-retrovirals when there is proof at this centre that those who have been taking the vaccine with Professor Victor Anomah Ngu were healed?”

Mr. Kimby/Patient


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