Victor Anomah Ngu

Professor Victor Anomah Ngu / Creator of the therapeutic vaccine, Vanhivax, Founder of the Clinique de L’Espoir:
Some of my colleagues have treated me as if I’m not quite right in the head because I was trying to advance an idea which was against what you might call, ‘common wisdom’ in the area of immunology, vaccines and so on. Because the idea that vaccines are used for treating is, in a sense, to them, is a contradiction. It doesn’t make sense because vaccines are supposed to prevent. And how can you treat with something that’s used to prevent a disease? How can you treat a disease with it? It doesn’t make sense.


Dr. Richard Gangbobga Caspa / Medical doctor at the Clinique De L'Espoir:
The turning point was when I read about his research at the WHO website that he had a treatment for HIV/AIDS. Then I knew he was someone I would meet. So after my medical training in Nigeria, I came to Cameroon and I came to Yaounde looking for Professor Anomah Ngu.




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